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Project Page:https://curseoftuberculosis.weebly.com/

YouTube channel: 


Curse of Tuberculosis is a horror game where your goal is to survive the night. You have to find keys, and hide until  6am.

This game has a story mode which the free version doesn't have

Want to play the game for maximum fun:

  • Use headphones
  • Put the volume as loud as you can
  • Play during the night
  • Play alone


  • C - Zoom
  • E - Interact

What's new:

  • Added an in-game changelog
  • Added an in-game notification
  • Improved overall graphics of the game
  • Improved death and low health graphics
  • Fixed a bug about a collider blocking walking area
  • Slight Enemy AI Improvements
  • Improved performance slightly

Older versions:

  • Enemy AI V3 updated to Enemy AI V4
  • Enemy AI bug fixed
  • Fixed a bug where time would stop at 12:1
  • Added a new SFX
  • Added more doors
  • Enemy AI V2 updated to Enemy AI V3
  • Added for FX
  • Enemy AI V1 updated to Enemy AI V2
  • Added crosshair
  • Added support of a single key (E) to carry out multiple actions
  • TV now can be turned on/off
  • Enhanced gameplay(SFX, etc...)
  • Added more gamemodes
  • Added health


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Press Kit.zip 52 MB
The Escape Ambient (1).mp3 3 MB
The Curse Of Tuberculosis.zip 448 MB

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The text color here on the store page is difficult to differentiate from the background color.



Is it better now?

It is better now, thank you.

Hey, can you check out Teddmare? Its my most recent game. Hope you enjoy it!

The text is readable on teddmare, thanks for reaching out to me.