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GetStudify : AI Learning App

This is still in early stages of development. Please do not distribute!

Discord : https://discord.gg/x69NWbSQFK

List all bugs in the comments and a way to reproduce them.

What's New:

  • Messages Page
  • Add Friends / Account Page

What has been improved or fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where one would not be able to create an account

Known bugs and work-arounds

  • A bug where if you choose to continue with the tutorial, on the last tutorial page, you cannot exit from it
    • Simply exit the app and relaunch it and select "No" on the confirmation popup on the login page. The app should remember your credentials and log you right in. [Will be fixed in the next update]

Features Being Developed:

  • End-To-End Encryption for chats

Features In Beta:

  • Tutorial System
  • Challenges System

What features work;

  • Login system, Sign up system, Creating account system, forgot password system
  • Making subject system
  • Backing up subjects system to cloud
  • Reading subjects
  • Deleting subjects
  • Recovering corrupted subjects up to a level 4 corruption state
  • Downloading backed up subjects, hence multi-platform compatibility
  • Sharing Subjects
  • Adding friends
  • Making Syllabus
  • Sharing Syllabus
  • Sending Messages to friends
  • Sharing messages now work natively with the in-app messaging system
  • Challenges [Partly]

Corruption States:

  • Level 1 : Subject file is missing (Can be recovered without backup)
  • Level 2 : Subject Resources are missing (Can be recovered without backup, though some subject resource might be missing)
  • Level 3 : Both subject files and subject resources are missing (Can be recovered without backup, though some subject resource might be missing)
  • Level 4 : Subject file and resources are all missing, only the subject folder is found (Backup required)


RedsLearningApp Pre-Alpha 1 22 MB
RedsLearningApp V2.apk 17 MB
RedsLearningApp V3.apk 17 MB
RedsLearningApp V4.apk 18 MB
RedsLearningApp V35.apk 20 MB
RedsLearningApp V50.apk 20 MB
RedsLearningApp V56.apk 20 MB